A Guernsey girl shares her love of everything creative and handmade. Episodes cover a wide variety of crafts including knitting, food, photography and much more. The show also includes a generous helping of Guernsey culture too. So go on, join in - share the handmade love and celebrate the sheer joy of making stuff. Show notes can be found at

The first iMake podcast! In this podcast there will be some chat about your host (by way of introduction of course) and a little about the podcast master plan.  We will cover some recent iMake creative exploits and also experience some of the culinary delights of Guernsey. I really hope you enjoy my first podcast. Please feel free to email be any feedback, and, if it is actually good feedback, please post comments to the blog!  I am aware some of the vocal needs cleaning up so I will be working on that for next time.

*** Please note, as of May 2014, the iMake blog has a new website address - (show notes can be found here). If you'd like to make contact, please email Thank you.***.

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Here's a brand new iMake podcast promo (including the new website address, I'd be extremely grateful if you'd consider sharing this audio promo on your blog, podcast or social media channels. It is one minute long. Thanks so much!

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