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Welcome to episode 81 of the iMake podcast. Today’s show includes a creative catch up and a bit of a puppy update. I’ve been thinking about the health benefits of craft, along with the health benefits of a 6 week holiday (sorry non-teacher friends!) There’s some knitting chat, interior design chat and an update on the iMake Book Club in this episode so please join in.


Hello and welcome to episode 81 of the iMake podcast. Happy fathers’ day to any fathers who are listening. I’m on the countdown to summer holidays now and I could not be more excited. There is SO MUCH I want to achieve over the summer and the vast majority of it is creative, fun stuff. I see many podcast episodes in my future… and yours, if you want them to be. Let’s get on with the show.

Creative chatter

Knitting wise there has been quite a bit of work on my Knitted Patchwork thanks to the inspiration of new yarn (yarn swaps). Also a very close friend of mine is pregnant so I have decided that if I can make the blanket baby sized before she gives birth, it’s going to her.

I’m obsessing over knitting stripes at the moment. If you read my column in Let’s Knit magazine, you’ll find out more in August’s issue. Stripes are concentration-less colourwork. Despite the warm weather I decided to make it my mission to find the best striped fingerless mitt pattern on Ravelry. If I couldn’t find it, I’d design my own. The problem with knitting stripes in the round, is, of course the dreaded jog. However, the pattern I am knitting changes colour every row, so if you fiddle around with your tension a bit, and twist the yarn at the back on the colour change, the jog is barely noticeable. The pattern is Jenjoyce’s Pinstriped Fingerless Mitts and it’s free on Ravelry. I have not got to the thumb gusset yet but it does look rather nice. I’m knitting the mitts in an incredible yarn - it’s Orkney Angora St Magnus DK and it was a gift from the lovely Kate. It had been sitting in my stash for a while simply because (as with all yarn Kate buys me) it’s so lovely I wanted to right pattern to match it too. Also the colours are incredibly vivid, so it would not be suitable for certain accessories. I knew the yarn would end up striped though as one ball is bright purple and the other is vivid pink.

In other craft news… I made puppy blankets! It was good to be sewing again. My adventures with bias binding have made me want to sew more over summer.

Did someone say summer? A teacher’s favourite time of year. I’m excited to have more time on my hands. Next academic year I will have even more!

It’s not really a creative exploit, but here’s a quick puppy update. Thanks so much to everyone who asks about my lovely puppy Penny. She is doing really well. She was 6 months old this month and the vet says she is growing well. Training is a challenge but we’re getting there. Summer will be a bit of a training bootcamp methinks.

Perhaps it’s time to knit a doggy jumper…?

Personal stuff

I don’t normally do very “personal stuff” on the podcast but I think this is relevant as it definitely relates to living a creative lifestyle. I’ve been having some health problems over the past 12 months - thankfully some resolution is in sight but I am not sure on timings yet. It strikes me that without my craft, in particular my knitting, being in this situation would have been really difficult to manage. I cannot sit still, but I need to sit still quite a lot right now so if I am knitting and listening to an audiobook, I am perfectly happy. At the moment, this is my favourite things to do (it’s why I get through so many books). As well as resting, I need to do gentle exercise, so Penny has been the perfect companion to this relaxation. She walks between 30 and 45 minutes a day and there is also lots of play in the back garden. My Fitbit tells me I now average 12,000 steps a day (16,000 on a good day).

The medicinal effects of knitting are becoming more frequently documented - particularly in relation to mental health and also things like arthritis.

Have you noticed any health benefits from your chosen craft? Tweet me.

In addition to this personal stuff I am excited to share with listeners that hubby and I are planning an extension to our home. This is going to mean lots of creative, interior design stuff coming up…

iMake Book Club

June’s book club discussion is now live on (visit the website or download the app). This month’s book was The Red Room by Nicci French.

Our July book has been chosen by LoriCrafty and it’s called All the Light we Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

To join the club please download the app or visit

Shout outs

Shout out to Hello Homebird on Twitter - her blog is


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Wrap up

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Welcome to episode 80 of the iMake podcast. Today’s episode could be a list, really. My creative mojo has not just returned, I think it has exploded (all over my house!) I have the compulsion to make, make, make!


Hello and welcome to episode 80 of the iMake podcast. It’s a stunning Sunday morning in Guernsey and I am enjoying one of the benefits of being a new puppy parent - getting up early. It is a benefit, honestly. Today’s show is going to be a show of enablement (according to Wikipedia, this is a thing - it’s the provision of opportunity - the act of enabling). So settle down and prepare yourself for some serious enablement…

Creative chatter

Today’s show is all about my recent creative exploits. CAN’T. STOP. CRAFTING.

Knitting wise there has been a bit of work on my Knitted Patchwork and hexipuffs. But for some reason, over the past week, all I have wanted to knit is my Hot Pink Cowl. There is no pattern, it’s basically a plain cowl knitted in the round (cast on 100 stitches and join then knit, knit, knit). It sounds like the most boring knit in the world, however, the yarn is making it joyful. I am knitting with hot pink Rowan Kidsilk Haze (colourway Candy Girl 606). I know this type of yarn won’t sit well next to everyone’s necks, but I’m not too sensitive (literally) so I am loving it.

I do need to get back to my Crochet Happy Blanket - whilst I have not crocheted any more squares, I am in the process of making a blocking station for them.

In other crochet news, it seems that my lovely crochet stones accidentally got red wine spilt on them so rather than be cross, I have opted to rediscover crochet stones and make more. I have decided to have a go at adapting some doily patterns - watch this space…

A few episodes ago, I mentioned using up some scrap leather - I’ve made key rings and some might end up for sale in my Etsy shop.

The sewing machine is out - I will be using it this afternoon to hem some cut off jeans (does this make me an old person?) Also, I plan to use my newly acquired bias binding foot to edge some fleece for puppy blankets.

As if that was not enough, for some reason I’ve been doodling and filling the doodles in with watercolour.

AND I’ve been creating little cross stitch motifs to frame in miniature embroidery hoops - they will make lovely pendants. The hoops are made by Dandelyne.

When I have a spare second there has also been a little mindfulness colouring in. Recommended book:

My Etsy shop definitely needs to re-open…

Techie talk

I’ve not got regular access to a GoPro video camera so, aside from strapping it to the dog, I thought it might be an idea to start making some crafty videos over the summer. What do you think?

iMake Book Club

June has kicked off with a book by Nicci French called The Red Room. There is still time to get involved as the discussion does not open until the end of this month. We’ve also agreed a book for July on the suggestion of one of our members (LoriCrafty) called All the Light we Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

To join the club please download the app or visit

Shout out

Brit Yarn’s online shop is now open! Visit:


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Wrap up

I’m on the look out for a new podcast sponsor. Know anyone? Email me Thanks!

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