A Guernsey girl shares her love of everything creative and handmade. Episodes cover a wide variety of crafts including knitting, food, photography and much more. The show also includes a generous helping of Guernsey culture too. So go on, join in - share the handmade love and celebrate the sheer joy of making stuff. Show notes can be found at

Welcome to episode 79 of the iMake podcast - it's a mini-episode in which the June 2015 iMake Book Club choice is announced. If book clubs aren't your bag then I honestly won't be offended if you skip this episode... I promise!

The Red Room by Nicci French on

The Red Room by Nicci French on

The Red Room by Nicci French on

The Red Room by Nicci French on

Nicci French website - it looks like this does not exist anymore, so you can check out their Facebook page here.

Join our private book club chat room here:

Download the Interests app here: Interests app.

Contact Martine:

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Hello and welcome to episode 78 of the iMake podcast. You join me on a stunning Sunday in Guernsey - the sun is shining and the birds are singing. There’s not even a hint of breeze. It’s just lovely. I’ve had the song “Monday Monday” by The Mamas and The Pappas going around my head today, but instead of singing “Monday Monday” I’ve changed it to “Sunday Sunday”. Sundays are so much better than Mondays! Now this episode’s title makes a bit more sense!

Today I’ll catch you up with my recent creative exploits and there will be a little chat about my Sunday rituals. We’ll talk knit, crochet and craft-alongs and events and then I’ll wrap things up.

Creative chatter

I can always tell when I have some serious creative mojo going on because my craft room is a mess!

Knitting wise I am focussing on my Knitted Patchwork and hexipuffs. I need to get back to my Crochet Happy Blanket andPebble Rug too.

I am also working on my Emily Peacock “Think Happy Thoughts” cross stitch although I am having to fudge it a little.


The mojo’s definitely back because I am thinking about getting my sewing machine out. I acquired a leather sewing needle, a Speedy Stitcher and some leather scraps… out what to make? Keep an eye out on InstagramFacebook andTwitter.

iMake Book Club - I am aiming to kick this off in the next episode so we have something to read for June. Thank you to those that completed my survey (survey on this page) - there is no clear preference in terms of what the best discussion forum is. I am trying out a private chatroom using a platform called, and what I really like about it is it’s accessible via an app or from your computer. Please test if for me and leave your feedback on the feedback

Sunday rituals

What does Sunday mean to you? For many it will mean church, Sunday lunch and a bit of TV time perhaps. For me, historically, it’s been about getting ready for the week to come. There is still a bit of that, for example I try and carve out time to review my to-do list (Todoist). But these days it’s about getting outside with the dog and just reconnecting with family and friends and getting creative. I write on a Sunday - that’s an important part of my creative time. It’s when I tend to write my column for Let’s Knit magazine. Also, hubby and I tend to share brunch. My approach to Sundays is changing as I get older. As a child I remember hating Sundays as it meant school was the next day.

Sundays in Guernsey are unusual in that most of the shops are closed. I have mixed feelings about this.

What are your Sunday rituals?


Join in! There’s..

PebbleCAL (a crochet-along with knitted options)

A possible Mini-to-Mega-Along (check out a new Facebook group for swaps by Lisa)

Other ‘alongs on the iMake Ravelry group


Highland Wool Festival:

Following the huge success of last year’s Wool Festival, this year’s event takes place at Dingwall Auction Mart on Saturday 23rd May.

Exhibitors are coming from all over Scotland to showcase their amazing materials and products. Over 50 highly talented and varied suppliers will be present at the event, which will also feature demonstrations of various techniques and skills.

As well as the stalls and exhibitors there will be performances by the Badenoch Waulking Group, raffles and a tombola.

Entrance to the Wool Fest is available on the day. The Festival starts at 09:30 and finishes at 16.30. For further details, please see

Also lovely Nic from “Yarns From The Plain” is going out on the road!

She is having a trunk show, selling her hand dyed British yarns and fibres, at Fluph in Dundee, from 2-8pm, Wednesday 27th May.

I wish I could attend both of these!

Wrap up

I’m on the look out for a new podcast sponsor. Know anyone? Email me Thanks!

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Welcome to episode 77 of the iMake Podcast. It’s Saturday 9 May 2015 - an extremely special day as it marks the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Guernsey after 5 long years of occupation by the German forces. Today’s show is not in the traditional format - it will feature extracts from previous episodes all about Guernsey. So why don’t you grab yourself a cup of nettle tea and a slice of potato peel pie and settle down to a special Guernsey episode of the iMake podcast.

Extracts from:

Episode 1 - A Podcast Is Born

Episode 8 - Guernseys Galore

Episode 11 - So This Is Christmas

Episode 40 - Sarnia Cherie

We wrap up with a quick chat to Charles on his thoughts about liberation.

À la perchoine!

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Welcome to episode 76 of the iMake podcast. It’s good to be back. It’s quite a yarny episode today but for non-yarny listeners you’ll also find, and hopefully enjoy, a little bird watching and some dog jewellery. I know it sounds odd, but it isn’t. Honestly.


Hello and welcome to the show. It’s Bank Holiday Monday. Would you like a Penny update? Check out: Also I purchased binoculars…

Creative chatter

So what’s occurring?

Following my hexipuff conundrum in the last episode (aka should I start a Beekeeper’s Quilt?) I took the plunge…

I am knitting one hexipuff then one square of my knitted patchwork - a rediscovered WIP. This pattern has been downloaded nearly 49,000 times! If you fancy getting involved pop in to the Knitted Patchwork (KAL/Chat) thread on the iMake Ravelry Group.

Mini skein madness from The Knitting Goddess. Also:

Five Moons Yarns


Or… swaps!

From tiny acorns…

The Pebble Crochetalong (a CAL with KAL options) is still happening (Pebble Rug by Inga Hamilton). Please tell your friends!

Yarny gifts - Lanitium Ex Machina yarn from Lovely Kate. Lord of the Rings inspired! Colourway - Shire.

Very yarn episode so far… let’s talk jewellery then books.

Check out Nadine Essra and Pico Nose Piercing for handmade nose jewellery.

Also Bauble’s Dog for dog ‘jewellery’.

As for the iMake Book Club, I have had a great response to making it a feature of the podcast so let’s do it! The only thing I am not sure about is how to discuss books. Please let me have some feedback…

Survey here


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