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In this short and sweet episode I'll tell you about my new sponsor and my latest challenge. There's a little knitting and the occasional mention of Christmas. It's just a quick episode today but there is more to come soon. So you know the drill, grab a work in progress and a cup of tea and we'll have a crafty catch up.

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Welcome (01:01)

Hello and welcome to the show; hello to new and returning listeners. It's a short and sweet episode today. On to the plan for today's show:

  • Recent creative exploits
  • Knitters don't run

I have a new sponsor - Love Knitting. Find them at iMake podcast listeners and blog readers can get a 10% discount using the code imake10 at the checkout.

Recent Creative Exploits (03:54)


There has been some knitting. I have mixed feelings about sock knitting so I am working on a beanie hat that features all the good bits about sock knitting. Pattern to follow (possibly!) Working title: Random Sock Yarn Hat. I have also been knitting mini Christmas sweaters for the Christmas tree (inspired by the Merry Knitalong). This pattern will be for the next issue of iMake Magazine ( jumper

Loving my sexy hexies. The punch has really helped. Christmas crafts are on my mind. There's lots of chutney, a little knitting and some sloe gin. I may get some raspberry gin on the go. For more inspiration check out Pinterest and CraftGawker.

Knitters don't run (12:00)

I am running the London Marathon on 13 April 2014 for Anthony Nolan. Check out my training blog over at It's my second marathon - but I am definitely not a runner! It's a scary challenge. Please consider sponsoring me! Click the button below... JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Perhaps you'll consider taking up a crafty challenge? Tell me more...

Wrap Up (19:42)

For photos of runs in Guernsey look at the hashtag #runmartinerun on Instagram. Don't forget to subscribe to - thank you so much. Thanks to show sponsor, Love Knitting. Positive iTunes reviews, as well as donations to my marathon campaign are always appreciated. Don't hesitate to get in touch and give me some feedback.

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