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The iMake podcast is back! I am feeling refreshed after my fantastic holiday. This episode includes a review of my recent creative exploits, as well as my adventures in New York. There's also a heads up about the iMake September giveaway. You know the drill, grab your current crafty work-in-progress and your beverage of choice, and let's have a crafty catch up.

*** Please note, as of May 2014, the iMake blog has a new website address - If you'd like to make contact, please email Thank you.***.


Welcome (01:01)

Hello and welcome to the show. It feels good to be back! Welcome to new and returning listeners. The show will be released on an ad-hoc schedule moving forward (for now) but I am aiming for once a month at least. I have been active on Facebook, Twitter, Ravelry and Instagramlately. On to the plan for today's show:

  • Recent creative exploits
  • New York trip
  • Giveaway update

Recent Creative Exploits (04:14)


I've been reorganising my knitting projects like a thing possessed. Something to do with recent yarn acquisitions...! Time for some guilt-free frogging. Here's my new queue: Martine's Ravelry queue. Here's a little article about the term "frogging". Frogged projects:

The Merry Knitalong is still going strong, next month's ball will be announced shortly! Visit Knitting Sarah's website. I have been trying to finish Preppy Twisted (pattern by Voolenvine). The project that I am not in a hurry to finish is my Knitted Patchwork blanket (free pattern by iMake). Here's a link to the KAL: Knitted Patchwork KAL. Links to all patterns in my Ravelry queue can be found here: Martine's Ravelry queue (although please note, it's subject to change on a regular basis!) You can also follow links to any yarns I have assigned to projects. Please feel free to stalk my queue, as well as the queues of other people you follow.

Knitwear design

I am working on a semi-circular shawl - it's not really happening at the moment so I have put it away for a bit.


I am obsessed with English paper piecing. Here's a better definition of the technique than the one I gave on the the show: paper pieces. Thanks to Haley from The Zen of Making and Diane from Craftypod for creating this obsession. Here's Haley's great tutorial series: English paper piecing tutorial series. Online I am behind on listening to podcasts but I did notice that Libsyn have just released a podcast: The Feed. This is a podcast for podcasters. Also, I am being featured on the Libsyn blog: Interview with iMake. Audiobook recommendations:

I've been participating in Susannah Conway's August Break. This month I launched iMake Magazine! Here is a list of people that I simply could not have created my first e-magazine without:

If you'd like to contribute an article to iMake Magazine email Please subscribe to the iMake Magazine website to be notified of new issues. You can buy your copy of the magazine on Craftsy or Etsy. On 17 August 2013 it was iMake's 3 year podiversary. I have been podcasting for over 3 years!

New York Trip (21:25)

It was a great trip. Here's a list of links mentioned in my holiday recap. Thanks to our dear friends Claire and Alex for making our stay so special.

Yarn acquisitions:

Food list coming soon. There are a few photos of the trip on Instagram(imakeguernsey).

Giveaway update (37:00)

This launches on the blog on 1 September 2013 so please check back then: Established in 2005, Bijou Basin Ranch is a small family owned and run yak ranch located just outside the small town of Elbert on the open plains of the Colorado outback about 65 miles southeast of Denver, Colorado. They have a marvellous selection of interesting yarn and fibre - there's plenty of yak, but also lots of other goodies, including a delicious cotton and cashmere blend called Roslyn. The winner of this giveaway will receive 3 balls of Roslyn (90% cotton, 10% cashmere), 2 purple, one white, and a lovely shawl pattern which has been designed specifically for this yarn called Roslyn Shawlette, by Marly Bird.

If you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway please email

Wrap Up (38:40)

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