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It's time for episode 53 of the iMake podcast. In today's show I'll tell you all about my recent trip to London aka The Big Smoke. London's quite a scary place for islanders! I've included audio from the trip; you'll hear from the lovely Kate as well as another friend of the show. This episode includes the usual crafty shenanigans as well as a fab giveaway for the knitters and a film review. I might even play my ukulele for you if you are (un)lucky! Grab yourself a slice of cake and your beverage of choice and join me for a crafty catch up.

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Welcome (01:01)

Hello and welcome to new and returning listeners.  I've been on a little podcast break due to teacher training commitments but as I am off work for Easter I thought I'd record a show.  I have missed podcasting!  The podcast schedule will be irregular between now and the end of June.  I am not pod-fading.  The blog and social media will still be very active.  Find my social media links here. With regard to ensuring you are subscribed to the correct feeds, check out the links below:

On to the plan for today's show:

  • Recent creative exploits
  • London visit
  • Giveaway update

Recent Creative Exploits (05:21)


I am obsessed with fair isle.  It's official.  I am knitting Kate Davies' Sheep Heid in Shetland wool by Jamieson and Smith.  Next on the list is Rams and Yowes blanket by Kate Davies.  Thanks Chloe!  I got my kit from Jamieson and Smith.  Check out Mary-Jane Mucklestone's fair isle class: Fair Isle Vest - Stranded and Steeked.

***Please note - I am aware that I said "sheeps" instead of "sheep" as the plural of sheep in this episode.  Big oops!!  It was too late to edit the show when I realised...***

Find out all about this month's Merry KAL project and prizes here: April Merry KAL (fair isle Christmas balls). Thanks to Sarah from Knitting Sarah for leaving me a lovely message on SpeakPipe.  If anyone else fancies leaving me a message I would love to hear from you: iMake on SpeakPipe. You can find the Merry KAL on the iMake Ravelry group.

My vanilla socks with an after-thought heel are in the snooze basket/bin for now, they were being knitted in Knit Picks Felici, Hummingbird. You can find out all abou the Small Skein Society here: Small Things.  I am knitting a pair of trainer socks at the moment - it's my own pattern.  Hopefully a trio of socks pattern is on the cards... watch this space.  Here's a link to Choconnastick and here's the SSS.

Martine's top tip for avoiding Second Sock Syndrome for toe up socks: cast on your second toe as soon as you have done the first so it's ready for you when you have finished sock one.

Yarn acquisition alert!  I purchased some Kidsilk Haze - more on that later. With regard to my own designs, the No Place Like Home Scarf is being test knitted at the moment.  The Trio of Socks is in the pipeline and I have knitalongs running for Twiglet Mitts and the Splendid Striped Cowl on Ravelry.


I've been cooking a lot this week, namely homemade pizza, lemon drizzle cake and cheese and tomato puffs.

Crafty stuff for sale

I have some leatherwork items for sale and some knitting needles amongst other things. Here's the link: Martine's stuff for sale.


Enough said!

London (18:12)

Here are my photos from the London trip: London Recap.  There's lots of chat in the audio clips I have shared so I have opted for old style show notes (just a list of links) to make my life easier,  I hope people don't mind.  These are the places and things we mention in the audio...

Kate, Simon and Martine have lunch


Kate's Twirl

Cambridge Satchel Company

Muriel's Kitchen

Martine waiting for Les Miserables at the cinema

Westfield Centre

Martine and Simon discuss Les Mis

Les Miserables - the movie Victor Hugo and Guernsey

Goodman Restaurant

10th Anniversary Concert

Colm Wilkinson

Philip Quast singing Stars (You Tube) (goose bumps)

Martine gushes about Liberty London and the V&A

Sorry - this audio is a bit "poppy".

Liberty London

The Hobbit



Giveaway update (34:10)

March giveaway - this has now closed but you can get your hands on a copy of Linda Tieu's ebook The Creative Entreprenuer Toolkit at a discounted price here: The Creative Entreprenuer Toolkit.

April giveaway - win a copy of the Zelda Shawl by Jemima Bicknell.  Just leave a comment on this post: The Zelda Shawl giveaway.

If you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway, email

Wrap Up (35:55)

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