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This podcast episode is the 'audio only' version of last night's podcaster hangout on Google+.  The audio features me, Amanda from Craftlife, Laura from the Apocalyptic Diner podcast and special guest host Jo, from Shinybees.  We're talking holiday crafts. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

Welcome (01:01)

Welcome to episode 50.  It's Sunday 9 December 2012.  This show isn't in the usual format, it's audio from video following last night's podcaster hangout featuring me, Jo from Shinybees, Laura from the Apocalyptic Diner and Amanda from Craftlife.  If you'd prefer to watch the video rather than listen, you can do so here... Video: Podcaster Hangout December 2012.

This is probably my last show before Christmas but I will be back in the new year.  So I'd like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy Christmas; have a wonderful new year.  Thanks to Great British Yarns, as well as all my podcast listeners and blog readers.

December Podcaster Hangout (04:12)

First there's the introductions and we find out a little about Shinybees Jo, a British podcaster living in South Africa.  She podcasts about craft, travel and the peculiarities of living in South Africa.  Jo feels 'almost famous' following a little fan girl chat! This hangout is all about holiday crafts and traditions.

Laura talks us through her limoncello recipe.  It sounds lovely.  Laura mixes her limoncello with sparkling wine whereas I like to drink it straight (hardcore!)  I take to opportunity to show off my raspberry gin in Kilner bottles.  Laura mentions Snap Chat. Amanda does show and tell (and taste) with her fruit cake cookies.  I say 'yum' rather a lot in this hangout.  Did you notice?

Then there is a cultural discussion about the cookies/biscuits and chips/fries... check out Amanda's helpful infographic.  Laura states 'they're like us, but not' (tee hee!)  There is much discussion about baps, barm cakes and Guernsey biscuits.  Let's not forget rusks - Jo feeds them to her guests in South Africa!

Louise from Caithness Craft Collective has been drinking and tweeting (bless her!)

Laura shows off a lovely Vegan Cookie Cookbook.  I am not even vaguely vegan, but this looks really good.  I also realise that my vanilla extract is actually vegan.  Vegan vanilla extract - go me!  Laura might attempt to veganise Amanda's cookies.  This is how Laura's cookbook started - she veganised the non-vegan recipes she liked.

It all gets a little cheeky at this point with chat about Jo's brother-in-law cooking in his boxer shorts!

Then it's time for Christmas crafts.  Laura shows off her favourite Christmas ornament, made by her fifth grade teacher.  I show off a little Christmas wrapping.  Jo shares the world's largest Christmas stocking.  Amanda decorated some old baubles using paint, glitter and fabric.

Onto Christmas trees.  Amanda and I have real Christmas trees this year.  Laura has a fake tree and Jo has a black Christmas tree (fake, obviously).  Jo collects baubles for her tree and tells us about South African Christmas lunches, traditionally on Christmas Eve.  Laura attends Christmas lunch with an Italian family called the Feast of the Seven Fishes (veganised for Laura).  Amanda tells us all about Christmas tamales in Texas.

Check out the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

It sounds like Jo is going to treat us all to a photograph of a brother-in-law in a thong, apparently he does 'things in thongs' for charity.  Watch this space... Laura is raising funds for Hurricane Sandy charities, please check this out.  Then there is some chatter about making a charitable donation in lieu of Christmas cards.

Now knitting chat.  I show off my Twiglet Mitts (own design - pattern coming soon).  Laura is wearing her lovely Nympheas scarf (pattern by Mimi Hill).  Jo talks about Nurturing Fibres; she's knitting a baby hat in self-striping yarn and she shows off some enormous socks.  Laura is knitting a hat for her 6 foot 1 baby!  Amanda has cast on a toe up sock for her new baby.  Knitting baby items is a great way to learn garment construction techniques.  Laura is knitting Robin Ulrich's Frost Light for Christmas too.

Finally, we discuss our favourite childhood Christmas gifts.  Laura's was a twist n' turn Barbie.  Mine was an A La Carte Kitchen.  Amanda's was a She-ra costume.    Jo's was her brother's Sega Megadrive. That's it.  We've been Jo from Shinybees, Laura from the Apocalyptic Diner, Martine from iMake and Amanda for Craftlife.

Wrap Up (01:00:23)

That's all from me, please can I just remind you that you have a couple more days to enter my needle-felting giveaway.

Happy holidays everyone and see you in the new year!

Thanks to show sponsor, Great British Yarns.

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This short and sweet episode features some podcast listeners' questions, along with a creative exploits update. There's a little Christmas chatter, a podcaster hangout announcement and, of course, lots of crafty goodness. Sit back, relax, grab your current crafty work in progress and some cake and let's get crafty.

*** Please note, as of May 2014, the iMake blog has a new website address - If you'd like to make contact, please email Thank you.***.

Show Notes

I am trying a slightly different show notes format today, please let me know what you think.

Welcome (01:01)

It's December!  How did that happen?  Welcome to new iMake Ravelry group members Pyxystitches, hirsheybolt, Schaeferyarnlovr and woollyrover. All of my contact details can be found on the Feedbackpage of the iMake website.

Recent Creative Exploits (03:03)

The Birthday Shawl Knitalong is going well.  The shawl has been designed by Kate's Twirl, it's a garter stitch triangular, top-down shawl with a knitted-on leafy border.  I am knitting my shawl in Wollmeise, colourway Palamino.  We have had a couple of finishers already, the first being Cybelle aka cjcsew on Ravelry.  However, it's not too late to join us; most of the chat takes place on the KAL thread in the iMake Ravelry group.  There is still one more prize on offer, some handmade stitch markers made by Kate.  These will be awarded to the person who has knitted Kate's favourite shawl on 24 December. In other knitting news, inspired by Kate, I have designed some lace fingerless mitts.  I have named them Twiglet Mitts.  The pattern is on the way; Kate is test knitting it at the moment. My Toft Alpaca Bulb bag is finished and felted. Craftsy is fab.  I reviewed my first Craftsy class recently. I am currently enjoying a Online Product Photography Class.  The Craftsy iPad appis also excellent.

Podcaster Hangout Announcement (06:52)

There is going to be another podcaster hangout featuring me, Amanda from Craftlife, Laura from the Apocalyptic Diner podcast and Jo from Shinybees.

When is the hangout?

Saturday 8 December 2012 at 7.00pm GMT (Martine and Jo), 9.00pm (SAST/CAT - Jo's home in South Africa), 2.00pm EST (Laura) and 1.00 pm CST (Amanda).  Use timeanddate.comto work out the time in your part of the world.

How can I participate?

Many ways!

  • Watch us live on Amanda's You Tube Channel or on Google +.
  • Tweet us during the hangout using the hashtag #podhangout.
  • Email me any questions you'd like us to answer during the hangout.
  • Watch the hangout after the event here on the blog or listen to the audio as part of your iMake podcast subscription.
What will the hangout be about?

We plan to talk holiday crafts, food and traditions.  Also, we'd be delighted to answer any questions our blog readers and podcast listeners might have (see above).

Question Time (09:45)

There are lots of ways listeners can leave me feedback, check out the Feedback page of the website. Thanks to Perclexed and Ceri for being my SpeakPipe test subjects. The first question came via the iMake Facebook group from Melanie Simms, who asked if there are any Guernsey-specific holiday  traditions.  Neil Inder on Twitter informed me of 'le tronc de noue' which involves decorating a log and burning it on 31 December.  Jo May on Twitter reminded me about the Polar Bear swim on Christmas morning and the Boxing Day swim at Cobo. Next we had questions from Sandra Hoving Engstrand.  She asked where I shop for my groceries.  I shop at Waitrose and also try and buy hedge veg. There was a question from Katie Fellows, she wanted to know what the hardships of living on a relatively remote island were.  Great question!  There are a few challenges.  Everyone knows everyone.  The cost of living is high.  There are sometimes transport issues because of our airport's short runway.  The latest news on Guernsey's runway can be found on the BBC website.  Shopping locally isn't always easy. I received a voicemail message from Ursa, the voice of the Pagan Knitter podcast.  Ursa asked how my Christmas knitting/crafting was going.  Here's my list:

Giveaway Update (18:51)

I am still running the Hi-Fiber Kits giveaway where you can win a needle felting kit of your choice, a book and some fiber.  Do check out Moxie's Etsy shop  as well as my review of one of Moxie's kits. If you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway or sending me things to review, please contact

Wrap Up (20:28)

Don't forget to tune in to the hangout if you can or keep an eye, or ear, out for the audio and video here on the blog. Thanks to show sponsor, Great British Yarns.  Positive iTunes reviews, as well as donations towards the running costs of the show, are always appreciated. Don't hesitate to get in touch and give me some feedback.

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