A Guernsey girl shares her love of everything creative and handmade. Episodes cover a wide variety of crafts including knitting, food, photography and much more. The show also includes a generous helping of Guernsey culture too. So go on, join in - share the handmade love and celebrate the sheer joy of making stuff. Show notes can be found at

This show is something of a mixed bag, hence the name!  It has been a month since my last show and I have been getting up to all sorts.  There is lots of knitting and a great deal of crafty chatter.  This show features an interview with the lovely Isla, a new friend of the show, and we chat about handmade weddings.  There is also some audio from me and hubby, recorded during our recent trip to the Channel Island of Jersey.  So you know what to do... grab your current crafty work in progress and a large cuppa and join me for a crafty catch up!

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